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On Break

 I’m out of town so no updates will occur for awhile. However, I’ll be back!

Happy holidays and New Year!


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As a resident of New York City, one is bound to encounter more than a few street musicians. Some favorites:

1. The Boba Fett Accordionist-A new favorite on the scene. I first encountered him this summer playing the theme from Amelie in Union Square, was really excited when I saw him playing The Blue Danube at the mid-western corner of Washington Square Park one Friday after class, and spent yesterday listening to his awesome rendition of all the themes from Star Wars. If you can play Amelie, Strauss, and Star Wars I think you’re awesome. If you can play them on the accordion while wearing a homemade Boba Fett mask? You might just be my favorite.

(Incidentally he’s an unemployed mechanical engineer getting a second Masters in transportation engineering. Go figure.)

2. The saxophonist at the Lincoln Center 1: There has not yet been a concert, opera, or musical at Lincoln Center that I have left where this guy has not been playing the themes of whatever I just saw. I don’t know who he is but he’s always there and always has the sheet music with the themes of the concert (Haydn’s Symphony No. 95, The Barber of Sevile, South Pacific etc.) and does a pretty awesome rendition on the tenor. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have a Youtube account, but I’ll ask next I see him.

3. The one that started it all: Back when I first visited New York I remember seeing a cellist playing under the Washington Square arch who was quite lyrical and played their because the accoustics and magnification were good. I haven’t seen him since, but hope someday I’ll find him again.

4. Want to play in Grand Central (or under the arch) Joshua Bell?

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Post #1

I’m kind of an obsessive-compulsive music attendee. An opinionated one at that. So it made sense for me to start a blog that mostly covers the concerts etc. that I attend (and perhaps a little bit more, but we’ll see what happens.) Hopefully you find something that interests you or that you disagree or that makes you consider things differently. Please comment if you’d like!   

The title of the blog is a vague reference to the Keith Jarrett album “The Melody at Night, With You,” which I admire for its powerful simplicity. It also refers to the melodies that I hear at night about which I will be writing. It also is suitably ambiguous that it may take on many other metaphorical meanings…

Thus, let the blog begin.

*To begin with, I will likely be posting some back reviews of concerts I attend in the not-so-distant past, but afterwards should move forward pretty chronologically.

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