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Other Publications

Check out NYU’s new publication about music, Troubadour.


(I have an interview with up and coming musician and friend Emily Eddey.)


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Radio lives on…

Another great discovery I made while avoiding doing homework:


Basically this online radio station plays everything that intrigues me: modern “Classical” music, jazz, experimental, world-influenced stuff and things I’m not quite sure how to classify. Definetely worth a listen (and the helpful track, artist, and album listings make it easy to look up what you like when you hear it!)

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Can you guys please come to New York?

The idea of a group of classical musicians that is willing to devote itself to bringing orchestral/chamber music to the people in the local square makes me smile. There’s something very unique about street musicians and I think this exemplifies that quality quite nicely. Keep up the great work!

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